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Tax Settlement FAQ

How do I settle IRS debt?
Anyone can contact the IRS and try to settle their IRS tax debt on their own. There’s no special powers or special agency you need to be apart of. However, stats have shown that tax settlement professionals who do this for a living have a higher success rate.

The initial IRS tax settlement consultation is free. A tax settlement company will charge you a small fee if they are successful as part of the payment you would make. Contact a professional to see how they can help you or if you don’t have much debt, they may even advise you to do it on your own.

How do I pay less than what I owe to the IRS?
If you are not able to pay the entire balance you owe to the IRS, you may qualify for an Offer in Compromise. You must prove and convince the IRS that you do not have the money or will not have the money anytime soon, to pay off the owed balance. You are then able to work out a reasonable amount that you can pay to satisfy the tax lien. Once that amount is paid off, that particular tax bill will be determined paid off. Note that this does not include future tax owed. Tax professionals can assist you in this if you have trouble understanding all of the lengthy IRS terminology.
Where do I find the form to settle my IRS Tax?
The Offer in Comprise forms and information is available from the IRS by clicking here.
Can I settle my small business tax owed with the IRS?
Yes, if you qualify. Whether you owe small business tax, or personal tax to the IRS, you may opt for a IRS tax settlement through an Offer in Comprise. Contact one of our tax settlement agents to assist you.
What happens if I am late on my tax payment?
If the IRS accepts an Offer in Comprise with a specified payment plan and you become late, the Offer in Comprise may become void and you may be responisible to pay the entire amount of the balance you thought you had settle. Contact the IRS before you get to that point to see if they can work with you on a solution.